For over 25 years, I have worked hard to bring the best talent forward for my clients. Having cast thousands of commercials, 7 television series, over 20 pilots, and an Academy Award winning documentary, my enthusiasm for casting remains strong. I love working with actors and feel that I’m able to talk to them in a concise, performance driven manner. There’s not a category I haven’t cast. My job is to make sure that YOUR vision comes to life.

What makes me different as a Casting Director?

I came to casting after having been an actor. I went to the University of Michigan, a Master’s of Fine Arts Acting Program in Wisconsin, and was lucky enough to star on Broadway. I’ve acted in commercials and I’ve also done my share of directing for the stage and for a couple of small commercial projects. I realize how important talent is to YOUR project.

Casting for me isn’t an administrative job. I enjoy working with the actors. When you hire me, you get ME. I will be in the room with you at callbacks (and most time during first calls). I run the camera myself. I work to create a collaborative atmosphere in the casting room where the actors feel safe and the director and clients can watch creativity come to life. The voice you hear talking to the actors is mine. Not an assistant. I’m an integral part of YOUR casting experience.

I know that budgets are more challenging than they used to be. I cast non-union and union jobs. I believe that the non-union talent in Los Angeles is very good. It doesn’t take longer to find strong non-union actors. It doesn’t require more prep or casting time. Ask any of my clients. I’ll work with your budget, find you the best available actors, and do my best to make spending time with me enjoyable (and maybe even fun). YOUR satisfaction is what it’s all about.

My directors, producers, and agency clients are loyal. They are happy to give you a recommendation about my work. You can also talk to the commercial agents in town…or the actors I’ve worked with….or my mom. Better yet, just give me a call. I look forward to working on YOUR next project.


If you have a job that is kids-centric, give me a try. I can say something that most of my colleagues won’t: I love casting kids. The kids love coming to my sessions. Over the past two decades, every major (and minor) toy company has used me as their go to casting guy. I realize that the budgets for kids jobs can be particularly challenging. I’ll work with you and your budget and make sure that the best available talent is put before you. I’ve cast some kids who became stars (Mila Kunis, Brenda Song, Naya Rivera, and Jared Lieberher) but most of them are just talented youngsters who are learning the ropes and eager to help your vision come to life. I’d be happy to supply you with the names of the directors, production companies, and advertising agencies I’ve worked with. Casting kids should be a blast. With me, it is.